In 2015, we won the tender for organizing of accompanying programme for this Ministry of Agriculture's project. 

  • organizer: Ministry of Agriculture
  • 27. 6.- 19. 9. 2015
  • 5 farms within the Czech Republic

Festivals at the farm were day-long events for families with children at various farms in the Czech Republic. Through games, children could learn about life in the country and traditional Czech agriculture. Families could meet farmers who live in their area, learn more about the farmers' work and their produces. Also, visitors could purchase high-quality local produces. Free entry. 

On a Saturday, one of the farms opened its “gates” for visitors, allowing them to learn more about its operation. On such occasions, also other local farmers offered their produces – for example, goat and cow milk, dairy products, honey, home-made bakery products and bread, eggs, fruit, vegetables, etc. Some of these produces were branded “A Regional Produce”. 

Festivals at the Farm also contained interesting accompanying activities which included music and theatre performances or games for everyone on the topic of farming, discussions with local farmers, etc. 

The Ministry of Agriculture was flooded with applications of small farmers who wanted to take part in the project. 

Five host farms were selected for the project – Hostětín Cider House, Zlín county (27.6.); Organic farm Sasov, Vysočina county (18.7.); Goat farm Pěnčín, Liberec county(8.8.); Moulis Family Farm, Plzeň county (15.8.); National Agricultural Museum, Prague (19.9.).