World première of the movie First Contact directed by Darryl Anka – the most famous American channeller, and the author of special effects for many Hollywood blockbusters. 

  • organizer: Milan Friedrich
  • World première of the movie
  • 14. 10. 2016
  • Lucerna Great Hall, Prague
  • number of visitors: 650

On October 14, the capital of the Czech Republic hosted the world's first public presentation of the movie First Contact as well as the movie's director Darryl Anka. Darryl, a trick expert for many Hollywood films including the saga Star Treck, has for 33 years channelled an extraterrestrial being called Bashar who has been popular with hundreds of thousands of fans all over the globe. 

Milan Fiedrich, a successful global entrepreneur, became the sole and exclusive global distributor of the film First Contact. This very deal inspired Darryl's first trip to Europe. “Darryl Anka and Bashar - who communicates through Darryl - attract hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world, and they had been invited to Europe many times. I have followed them for twenty years myself, and over time we have developed a great relationship“, explains Milan Friedrich. Milan chose the Great Hall of Lucerna in Prague for the world's opening night of the movie. 

First Contact

USA, 2016, 95 min

Director: Darryl Anka
Writer: Darryl Anka
Camera: Monty Rowan
Starring: James Woods, Daneah Underwood, Drew Patrick, Jessilyn Short, Ruman Kazi, Scarlett Redmond, Cassandra Nuss, Carol Surface, Stu Chaiken