Having won the Ministry of Agriculture's tender, we delivered this project in 2014. 

  • organizer: Ministry of Agriculture
  • 26. 7. - 13. 9. 2014
  • 5 farms within the Czech Republic
  • number of visitors: 3 020

A series of events for the general public with the aim of interconnecting small and medium-sized farmers with their potential customers. Visitors could taste and purchase various local products directly from their producers, or learn about ways of farming and producing those products. 

Each of the events was called “Open Gates Day”. On a Saturday, one of the farms opened its “gates” for visitors, allowing them to learn more about its operation. Along with the host farm, other local farmers presented and sold their products.

An interesting accompanying programme including music and theatre performances or games for children on the topic of farming (plus great prizes for winners) was a part of each Meet Your Farmer event. Moreover, farmers demonstrated to visitors how various products were made, and they also demonstrated various farming activities (e.g., shepherding sheep and cutting sheep hair), visitors could tour farms or discuss various issues with their local farmers. 

The following farms were selected for the project– Organic farm Čapí letka from Mokřice u Krásné Hory nad Vltavou (26.7.), Goat farm Zerlina from Hážovice u Rožnova pod Radhoštěm (9.8.), Ma-Ma family dairy Úhořilka u Štoků (23.8.), Farm under the Linden from Rokytnice v Orlických horách (30.8.), and Organic Orchard Komňa near Uherský Brod (13.9.).