We create and orchestrate projects and events that are highly inspirational. We organize lectures, seminars, workshops, trade shows, festivals, specialized conferences, as well as cultural and social events. Although the themes of our events have a wide range, they all share the very same core idea: presentations made by local and international speakers, who have an important message to pass on (philosophers, historians, scientists, artists, writers, healers, yogis,….)

Our top speakers

Deepak Chopra (USA)

Global authority in the area of healthy lifestyle and personal development

Raymond Moody (USA)

Psychologist and writer

Brandon Bays (USA)

Teacher in the field of body mind healing

Don Miguel Ruiz (Mexico)

Mexican author of books on neoshamanism

Dan Millman (USA)

World-champion athlete, college professor and author

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj (India)

Spiritual master, inventor of the touch screen

Tim Wallace Murphy (Great Britain)

Researcher, publicist and expert on Old English history

Eric Pearl (USA)

Chiropractor, founder of the Reconnective Healing method

Kiesha Crowther (Little Grandmother) (USA)

American Indian shaman

Masaru Emoto (Japan)

Japanese scientist engaged in exploration of water

Rüdiger Dahlke (Germany)

Doctor and psychotherapist concentrating on complex medicine

James A. Cusumano (USA)

Entrepreneur, scientist, musician, film producer and hotelier

Andreas Clauss (Germany)

Author, entrepreneur and board member of “Novertis Stiftung” foundation

Sandra Epstein (Brazil)

Artist, lecturer of educational system Araretama

David Vaughan Icke (Great Britain)

Author and lecturers, often marked down as a master of global conspiracy

Mabel Katz (USA)

Motivational speaker, consultant, lecturer, author

Konstantin Korotkov (Russia)

University professor, scientist, holder of 17 patents for inventions in the field of biophysics

Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda (India)

Author of the system "Yoga in Daily Life"

Pablo Russell (Canada)

Spiritual leader, American Indian from the Blackfoot/Blood Tribe

Fred Alan Wolf (USA)

physicist, writer, and lecturer, "Dr. Quantum"

Jan Mühlfeit (CZE)

Global strategist, coach, mentor

Mooji (Jamajka)

Spiritual teacher, renowned advaita master

Roger J. Hamilton (USA)

Futurist, entrepreneur, and creator of the Wealth Dynamics system

Rinaldo S. Brutoco (USA)

Lecturer, writer, couch and expert on modern technologies

Mark Dzirasa (CZE)

Coach and mentor

... and many others